Lip Enhancement

For fuller lips, or to erase fine lines & wrinkles around the lip

Dr. Burton can open up new possibilities for you to change your appearance and self-image. He can either inject the lips with different types of materials to make lips fuller and more attractive or Dr. Burton can use implants. You can consult with Dr. Burton to see what types of materials will be used in the procedure or if implants are better for you.

Whether or not an anesthetic is necessary depends on the lip augmentation procedure

For lip injections, Dr. Burton will use a topical anesthesia so that the procedure involves no discomfort. Local anesthesia will also be used which makes the procedure painless, although there may be some discomfort afterward. After the procedure, talking and chewing should be avoided as much as possible. Oral pain medication may be used to control the discomfort. Antibiotics may be given to reduce the possibility of infection. It is also important to keep the lips clean. Recovery time takes about a week after which your lips will feel normal and look marvelous.

Recovery Time

Recovery time varies depending upon the type of procedure you have performed. Dr. Burton says that most people report little discomfort in the days following the lip augmentation. If you have an injection, you will be able to return to normal activities within a couple of days, but bruising and swelling may last for up to a week. If you decide to have implants or grafting, you may need to wait between one to two weeks before returning to your normal routine.

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