Buttock Augmentation

What is Buttock Augmentation?

Buttock Augmentation can be accomplished through implants or fat transfer. The most permanent way to increase the size of the buttock is with the use of a solid silicone buttock implant. Inserting a solid silicone implant into the buttock can produce a dramatic and pleasing result. The other method of enlarging the buttock requires liposuction with fat transfer to the buttocks. Liposuction with fat transfer can be an effective method to augment the buttocks. The major drawback to fat transfer is the high likelihood or significant shrinkage of the augmented buttock as the transferred fat is reabsorbed in the months after surgery. Fat transfer is also limited by the amount of fat that can be harvested from the patient. Both methods can achieve the desired shape, but your own fat cells achieve both a natural shape and feel. In addition, there are reduced long –term complications. Speak with Dr. Gary Burton to find out which Buttock Augmentation procedure is best for you-- a Gluteal Fat Transfer or Implants.

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